Welcome to the Rose's Members' Area

The members' area comprises Social. Forum, Blogs (which are accessed from the menu above) and Chat which is on all these pages in the Members' area.

All areas except Chat are at least partially open to everyone but only registered members may post in them. The Social and Blogs areas only shows what individual members have chosen to make public and the Forum has sections which are only visible by members.

It is easy to register as a member using the form below or in any part of the members' area and once registered you can start posting, etc, straight away. However you may wish to edit your profile and add an avatar in the Social area first.

Members' Profiles are mainly created in the Social area but additional information for use in the Forum can also be added in the 'Edit Profile' part of the Forum. Avatars may be added in the Social 'Edit Profile' and these are used throughout all the sections of the Members' Area.

There are extra pages in the Social 'Edit Profile' where you can add a good deal of information about yourself if you wish but this is entirely optional and is mainly for the purpose of contacting other members with similar interests.

In the Social area we have set everything so that only members will see anything of yours by default but you can change all the settings so that each type of content can be seen only by friends, only you, or everyone. Be careful if you select 'everyone' as that really does mean everyone who visits this site whether they are logged-in members or not.

To change your default privacy settings for just about everything, click the little down triangle next to your name in the top bar and then 'Privacy Settings' in the drop down menu.

To change who can see any individual item in your timeline, click on the little lock to the right of 'Social Share' below the item.

In the Forum, do make sure you are posting in a 'Members Only' category if you do not want non-members to see your posts.

Also when posting a Blog, in whatever category, do make sure you have selected 'Viewable by Registered Users' before clicking the publish button unless you are happy that everyone can read your blog and that your blog does not contain anything that would be a problem for anyone else if it was made public.

Small Screen Devices (such as smart phones)

If you are using such a device you will find that items that would appear in the left column on larger screens can be found using the 'Toggle Sidebar' button. Similarly, everything in the right column of larger screens will be below the main content. In all the following instructions we will refer to the left and right columns assuming you are viewing on a larger screen.

Editing your Profile

You can edit your profile from the drop down menu next to your name. There are 4 pages to your profile which you can see listed under 'About' in the left sidebar.
Basic Information: You probably filled in most of this information when you registered.
Appearance: Here you can add/change your Profile Picture and Cover
About Me: Here you can give more information about yourself including your TG Status and preferred style of dress
Would like to Meet: If you wish to meet/contact others you can specify who/what you are looking for.

Advanced Search/Dating Search

You can use 'Advanced Search' if you want to find another member according to specific criteria (perhaps if you would like to contact them or even meet them). From the dropdown menu next to your name in the top bar, click on 'Advanced Search'. Then select a field to search on and enter what you are looking for. You can add as many fields as there are available including TG status, age, distance from you. Please note that you will not find any members within the distance you select if they have not given a location in their profile.

If you wish to meet another member make sure you select 'Would like to meet others'.

Adding photos

You can create albums and add photos to them by selecting 'Photos' from the drop-down menu next to your name or the menu on the right of the screen. On the left you will see the albums you already have (such as Avatar and Cover Photos) and a 'Create Album' button above. The maximum size for photos in Social is generally 2MB but as an attachment to a 'conversation' it is 1MB.

Public Area:

The areas of the Forum that are open to the public are clearly marked and appear with a light green background in the Category List (Forum tab). Guests are not able to post but they can read the posts in this area so members should consider carefully before posting in this area if you are concerned about privacy.

Members Only Area

The Members areas appear with a light pink background in the Category list (Forum tab). You have to login to access this area and you can log in any of the Members' areas of this site. When you are logged in you have access to all members' areas.

Forum Profiles

Your Forum profile has many of the details, including your Avatar, which you may add by editing your profile in the Social area. However some of the details such as birthday and gender, which you may have entered in your Social profile, do not appear in your profile on the Forum so if you want this information to be available in the Forum you will have to enter these details again by editing your details from the 'Profile' tab in the Forum. Your Forum Profile page includes information specific to the Forum including Recent Posts, Subscriptions, etc. You can also edit some Forum settings such as whether you Subscribe to a topic by default when you post in that topic, whether you appear 'online' to other, etc; Your Forum signature can be entered by editing your profile either in Social or Forum.


We have a few moderators who will keep an eye on all the posts and they will edit or delete any that are deemed inappropriate. Any member can also report any post (using a link below each post) they think should be brought to the attention of a moderator.

Unread Posts

When you look at the list of Categories on the Index page, any category containing unread posts will have a green icon on the left instead of the usual pink one. When you look at the threads in a category, the ones with unread posts will show how many unread posts there are in that thread and clicking on the thread title will take you to the first unread post. When you look at the post in a thread, the unread posts will have a small green square to the top left of the post instead of an empty square. Of course none of this will apply if you are viewing as a guest as there will be no record of any previous visit.

Attachments to Posts

Attachments of a limited range of file types can be added to posts with a maximum size of 512KB for images, and 120KB for other allowable file types.

Blog Categories

Members' Blogs: most blogs will be posted in this category.
Regular Bloggers: if you are a trusted regular contributor we may grant you 'Author' status which will allow your posts to be published under your own name in this category.
About this site: this category is for blogs which are particularly about the Repartee web site or any part of it.
Other categories: we can add categories for any specific subject if there is a demand. Please ask.

Members may post in any category (but do not choose 'Regular Bloggers' unless you are an appointed 'Author') and any blog in any category can be made private to members only or viewable by the public.

Rate, Report & Comment

Anyone can rate a blog except bloggers are not allowed to rate their own posts.

Only members may report a blog which they feel needs to be brought to the attention of an administrator.

Everyone can view and post comments (for blogs that they can view) but guests will have to at least give an email address to post a comment or they will have the opportunity to register whilst posting. Guest comments will also be moderated.

Bloggers' profiles

Your profile in 'Member's Blogs' is separate to your profile in 'Member's Social' but your avatar from 'Social' will be used in 'Blogs'. Editing your profile in 'Blogs' will allow you to provide some details and a short biography about yourself which will appear in the 'About the Author' section below each of your blogs and also in the Bloggers list.

How to write a blog

The first time you wish to write a blog, click on the pencil 'New Post' icon and select the 'Tutorial' template (the last one). This will give you guidance on how to use the editor and you can delete the various parts of it as you go along creating your own blog. You can also read the 'Using the Blog Editor' blog in the 'About this site' category.

You can always save your partially completed blog for completion later if you wish. Make sure none of original tutorial content remains before you finally post your blog and make sure you select whether you wish your blog to be seen by everyone registered members only.

Subsequently you may wish to select one of the other templates depending on the type of content you wish to include. The 'Blank post' will probably be the most useful.

Quick Posts

If you select the lightening 'Quick Post' icon you will have a much simpler editor to post a photo, video, quote, or link with a brief bit of text or just some text alone.


The maximum size for photos in Blogs is 2MB.

Cover Photos

When you write your blog you can add a 'Cover Photo' which will not appear within the blog post itself but will appear in the listings along with the 'Intro Text' (see the Tutorial template').

If you use 'Quick Posts' to post a single photo, that will appear as a cover photo in the listings.

The Chat facility is only available for members. Guests will not see any of the following.

When Chat is opened, the 'Private Chat' window will show a list of those members who are online (however please note that there is some lag between a member leaving the site and their name being removed from the list). Clicking on any members name in this list will open a private message window where you can have a one to one chat with that member. This Private Chat window includes an instant translation facility with a wide range of languages available.

To send a private message to a member who is not online, select 'Private messaging' in the Chat options menu (gears icon to right of bottom bar). This will open a special page (in Social) with a list of all members on the left and any previous private messages you exchanged with anyone in the main area. You can select any member from the full member list (you can use search) and write a message which they can read next time the member comes online. The member will see that there is a message for them in the top bar of the Social page.

The 'Public Chat' window that opens to the top right is the main area where you can chat with other members. Hovering your pointer over the third icon at the bottom will show who is available but there may only be a few of them or none who have actually started to chat in this window. You will see 'conversations' if anyone is chatting in here and clicking on the rightmost icon will show recent conversations prior to you opening the window.

The second icon (that looks like an open door) opens the available 'chatrooms'. These are rooms which you can join where you can chat with only those members who have joined that particular chatroom. Initially we have just one room; the 'Rose's Chat Lounge' but we will add additional special interest rooms later.

There is an Avatar option in Chat Options but there is no need to add one here as your avatar in Social will be used if you have one there.


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