In TV Repartee we encourage the view that transvestism is something positive to be enjoyed rather than treated as a shameful problem. We try to present a good balanced view of all aspects of ‘dressing’ and adopt a down-to-earth, open-minded approach to cross-dressing and transgender.

'A Tale of Two Cities' by Nina Jay, from Repartee 80
Nicole from Repartee 79.
'A Match Made in Hollywood', by Tiffany Amber and Miss Pink, Repartee 66
Leona and Lisa from 'In Style and Friendship ...' by Leona Lovett, Repartee 77
Zoe, from 'Inside China', by Cathy Heart, Repartee 67
Wanderlust, from Repartee 71
'Period Costume at the Royal Paviliaon', by Jean, Repartee 65

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The current issue of Repartee is number 80 (right), published 1st October 2015.

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Images (left) from the current issue of Repartee (80), published on 1st October

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